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If you are traveling through Italy to see in a group of minimum five people, why not take advantage of our special offer door to door offer ? To see the various cities and all their splendid works of art, religion and historical monuments many people use the Italian Train systems. In a group of minimum five people, for pennies more, you can have the reliability, convenience and comfort of our door to door service throughout Italia. No changing trains, figuring out the schedules or being held up by delayed services. You won’t need to find a taxi or ‘guess’ what to do next. With our special offer of transport you can be assured that your Italian experience will be sublime.


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If you want to visit Rome and explore the beautiful countryside, or discover the other wonderful Italian cities, our company is able to offer a personalized transport service to reach any destination in Italy. You can choose to visit the famous Tuscan cities like Florence and Siena; explore the famous ruins of Pompeii and its neighboring cities such as Capri or Amalfi. We offer a complete selection of services to cover your every need travel

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tour informations

  • The tours that we offer on our web site are undertaken with limousines or mini-vans.
  • Our vehicles are equipped with all comfort corresponding to the highest standards of quality and safety at European level.
  • The drivers who makes the tour are not a professional guides.
  • Our drivers are not professional guides, therefore they do not have a very broad knowledge about the history, architecture, art and culture of the city. That's why we recommend that you let yourself rely on a professional guide.
  • If you want a mother tongue professional guide, please specify it in an email sent to the address The price of the professional guide will be charged to the final price of the tour.
  • The tours that we offer can be personalized according to customer needs. If you want a personalized tour you must necessarily send an email to
  • You can pay the driver for the tours with cash on the day of the service or pay with PayPal on our web site.
  • Our vehicles are not equipped with mobile equipment for paying by credit card.
  • For any problem you can contact at any time Domenico, the company's owner, at these numbers +39 3925116631 / +39 3400689128.